All licenses offered by Nurf Designs are valid only after you purchase them.

All activities using our products for commercial purposes WITHOUT HAVING LICENSE are Copyright infringement.

All violations will be charged a fine of $7,000 (USD) or we will process it according to the applicable law in INDONESIA.






Agency License

(This license is for Design Agency, for pitching purposes and only viewable by you and your client).

10 Users

Number of users that can install and Use the font within desktop applications such as Adobe Illustration, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Create and Embed

You can create, edit, view, and digitally distribute static images, embed fonts in video content and create logos containing the font.

10 Projects

Number of projects that can be using the font.

Internal Document

Use for internal documents containing the font.

Did you not find a license type that fits your budget? We will help you get the best price for you. Please contact us at:

The User must always ensure that the Fonts installed are protected against all means of unauthorized access or against unauthorized use.
The User are not permitted to use fonts for purposes that are not in accordance with the license purchased.

*Applies to brand logos that are still under 1 company